The Mad In Tech: techno and sailing enthusiasts make up the best of the design offices

It's our DNA, it's our name, it's the essence of what motivates us. Our partners' and clients' victories are the result of the work of our 8 IT engineers - including 3 PhDs in control law.

Matthieu Robert

President and Head of R&D

David Cesari

Head of Flying Boat Projects

benoit Piquemal

Designer of the Madintec electronic cards

Hugo Kerhascoet

Scientific Director - Autopilot expert

Jérémie Guillot

Mixed hardware/software systems design engineer

Mathilde Tréhin

Control Systems Engineer - PhD student

Clément Dandrieux

Fullstack web developer

Nicola Foissac

Software developer

Didier Guardiola

Administrative Assistant

Louis Emard

Web Developer

Pia Mathias

Research engineer

Patricia Dauris

administration, communication, logistics

Élodie Rétel

Crea & communication

Our former employees are with us

They have been through Madintec, they have worked with us in the nautical technology sector, or have brought us their expertise and vision.

They have left a lasting mark on our systems and culture. We thank them again.

Rémy Pelletier: intern from June to October 2020 worked on the development of the Mad Cloud interface

Anne Tranche: trainee, worked on a documentation system

Victor Coat: trainee worked on obstacle avoidance from Sept 2019 to Dec 2020

Yangfan xiang: worked on the steering algorithms