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Discover the technical specifications of the MadBrain Pilot

Products - Technical specifications

MADBrain is a complete solution including a navigation system and a high level autopilot.

The navigation unit processes the sensor data to provide clear and accurate information to the skippers, such as the true wind calculation. The MADBrain broadcasts this information to the displays and the onboard computer.

The control solution calculates the trajectories according to the user's instructions and the data produced by the control unit.

The user's instructions are transmitted via the wireless remote control MADRemote or the MAD Control Center web interface. The MADController controls the cylinder based on the MADBrain's angle settings.

The safety mode can be activated on demand via the remote control and can be set in the MAD Control Center interface. The MADBrain can be set to alert, comfort or reaction mode, and the MADBrain can be used to control the helm and the sheet feeders.

Blue-print of the MADBrain central and control solution

The MADBrain box is the brain of the whole system. It integrates the central computing and control unit functions.

The functions of the computer centre

  • Reading raw data from NMEA2000 sensors

  • Reading raw data from sensors on the Madintec Bus with MAD Mast, MAD Analogic, etc.

  • Advanced dynamic calculation of different winds (real, apparent, effective, background...)

  • Performance calculations

  • Sending data to NMEA2000 displays

  • Data logging

The different control modes of MADBrain

  • Heading tracking

  • True wind set point tracking (TWA)

  • Polar mode setpoint tracking

  • Tacking and gybing function

  • 1 Supervision mode Security: Heel

  • 2 Performance Supervision Modes: Heel and Apparent Wind

MADBrain inputs/outputs

  • 1 × Ethernet input.

  • 2 × CAN 2.0 bus ports: NMEA2000 and Madintec 

  • dim 110 × 180 × 60 mm / weight 950 g / power consumption 300-600 mA at 12V

  • 2 × Series

This actuator module receives steering commands from MADBrain AutoPilot. In combination with our recommended angle sensors and actuators it is capable of positioning the rudder to a tenth of a degree.

It allows a DC motor to be connected, and monitors the speed and direction of rotation of the motor and the clutch at a very high frequency. It detects servo anomalies such as loss of battery poweror mechanical breakdowns, in order to place itself in alarm mode if necessary.

The MAD Controller can control hydraulic and electric cylinders from the nautical world, but especially the custom versions boosted according to our recommendations.

MAD Controller inputs/outputs

  • 1 x 9-36V power supply input.

  • 1 x RAM Output 25Amp

  • 1 x Clutch output (adjustable voltage, 3Amp)

  • 1 x Analogue inputs 0-5 V

  • 1 x CAN 2.0 bus

  • dim 120 x 151 x 46 mm / weight 500 g / power consumption 30 mA at 12V

The MAD Control Center is the web application for setting up and monitoring the MADBrain solution. Here you can find all the data of the navigation system and the autopilot.

Control interface and settings of supervision modes

Autopilot command interface and control of the autopilot

This application has been designed to provide quick and easy access to useful information in a small crew. It is an ergonomic web interface that can be used on a computer as well as on a smartphone or tablet. There is nothing to install, you just need a web browser.

Other interface solutions

MADBrain data can be accessed on all NMEA2000 compatible displays from e.g. B&G or Garmin.

On the other hand, your MADBrain interfaces easily with your routing software like Adrena.

The main actions of the skipper with his MADBrain are performed through the MAD Remote. It accompanies you in all your movements.

You can wear it around your neck, on your wrist or on its holder in the cockpit.

You can install several MAD Remote on board in wired or wireless mode (with radio receiver). The connection to the Madintec CAN bus is ensured by the MAD Interface Digital box.

Accessible functions of the MADRemote

  • Activation/Deactivation of the pilot

  • Setpoint +1/-1 (adjustable)

  • Setpoint +10/-10 (adjustable)

  • Heading Mode / True Wind Angle Mode / Polar Mode

  • Tack / Jibe

  • Activation / deactivation Performance supervision modes

Connected to the CAN bus, this module is mainly used to transmit the skipper's orders to the MAD Brain AutoPilot, via a wireless (or wired) remote control. It is supplied with a radio receiver.

MAD Digital Interface inputs/outputs

  • 16 x 3.3V threshold logic inputs

  • 1 x CAN 2.0 bus port

  • dim 132 x 94 x 41 mm / weight 200 g / power consumption 70 mA at 12V

The MADBrain solution is fully compatible: NMEA2000. This standard of the nautical industry ensures a strong hardware compatibility, controlled costs and an easy installation (the connectivity is also standard).

The following sensors are available in NMEA2000: GPS, sounder, speedo, barometer, compass, inertial unit (see below)...

Wind measurement

For wind measurement, we require one of the following sensors (NMEA0183 compatible)

  • B&G Aerial

  • Aerial CarboWind NKE

These models are connected to the high frequency CANBus via a MADMast box.

The mast acquisition module: MAD Mast

The Mad Mast acquisition module is a measurement unit dedicated to the acquisition of signals from mast-related sensors. It has an opto-coupled, lightning and ESD protected NMEA0183 input, an ESD protected analogue input for mast angle measurement and a 12V isolated power supply which is also ESD and lightning protected.

MAD Mast interface inputs/outputs

  • 1 x optocoupled NMEA0183 input (NKE and B&G compatible)

  • 1 x analogue input

  • 1 x voltage source

  • Dimensions excluding connectors: Height 65 mm, width 65 mm, depth: 41 mm

  • Power supply via CAN bus: 8-36V

The course and movements of the boat

Madintec imposes an inertial unit that will provide the dynamics of the yacht. The MADSensor XD is a high-end inertial unit with two triple band GPS antennas.

This unit provides the following information:

  • Magnetic compass and GPS heading

  • GPS position and speed

  • VBUS (bus voltage can - 0.3V) 500mA

Other sensors

In the case of an installation on a boat already equipped with non-compatible sensors, e.g. a NKE installation, it is possible to use a converter such as the MADInterfaceAnalog.

The MAD Interface Analog acquisition module

The Mad Interface Analog is an analogue data acquisition module that communicates with the bravo control unit and Madintec products via the proprietary 500kbps CAN bus.

It is used to convert signals from analogue sensors (e.g. rudder angle, actuator shaft position...) or any other voltage level 0-5V, 0-10V or 4-20mA.

Add to that the fact that it samples at 200Hz and has an accuracy of one ten-thousandth

In addition, it has 3 voltage sources to supply external sensors

  • 5V-350mA

  • 12V-500mA

  • VBUS (bus voltage can - 0.3V) 500mA

All three voltage sources are short-circuit proof. The MAD Interface Analog can be configured using the CAN Diagnostic Tool software.

MAD Analog Interface Inputs/Outputs

  • 8 x Analog inputs 0-5V, 0-10V 16bits single ended

  • 2 x Pulse inputs (referred to GND or floating inputs)

  • 1 Can bus (for proprietary Bravo/Madintec bus)

  • 1 x status Led (green in normal operation, flashing red or permanent in case of a detected fault)

All inputs are protected up to 30V DC and against the most common electrostatic discharges.

No-load consumption

  • 55 mA at 12V

  • 45 mA at 24V

Dimensions excluding connectors

  • Height: 66 mm

  • width: 119 mm

  • depth: 61 mm

Power supply: Via CAN bus 8-36V.

MADbrain safety features

MADBrain offers two levels of optional safety features particularly suited to multihulls:

  • A safety supervision mode that acts on the steering of the yacht to stabilise its heel and/or to avoid too great a load on the rig.

  • A safety mode that will operate groups of cleats which can be either operable cleats or motorised winches.

Madbrain Multihulls news

There are no Multihull news yet.

What more can be said...

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  • Is my boat compatible with MADBrain?

    All sailboats can be equipped with MADBrain. However, we focus on racing yachts such as Class 40s and IRCs.

    Our conversion units (MADInterface) allow to equip a boat whatever its initial electronics. 

  • Who develops MADBrain ?

    The Madintec team is made up of 10 engineers dedicated to innovating in the world of electronics and computing for racing yachts.

  • Who will install MADBrain on my boat?

    Madintec does not install its solutions on board. We work with a network of certified installers. If you wish to become a certified installer, please contact us via this Contact form.

  • How long does it take to install?

    We have a minimum of three months lead time. Don't hesitate to book your MADBrain now.

  • How to ask us questions live?

    Feel free to use our social networks. Contact us on Facebook and Twitter.