Madintec design office means continuous innovation

Tomorrow's advanced functions are being invented in our laboratories today.

Making your boats fly, making them safe, giving them more autonomy, the list of challenges we take up for you is constantly growing.

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# what

Studies, products and solutions for every sailing and motor vessel

All products marketed by Madintec are conceived by our design office.

  • We develop from the electronic board to the software, from the embedded code to the user interfaces.

    Over the years, our engineers have built a platform that allows us to respond quickly to many problems.

Secure Sailing Application

Trim management, obstacle detection and avoidance.

Overall instrumentation of a vessel

Wind, speed, sail, load and stress measurement (e.g. with fibre optics)

Data science

Data science tools and server, machine learning

Energy management

From producer to consumer (saving, routing,...)

Autonomous driving

In yaw and in flight with the servo-control of numerous control elements (foils, autopilot, etc.)

Design of control and monitoring tools

Remote control, electronic steering wheel, screen of any kind (any computer, tablet, smartphone, ...)

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Innovation news

KOESIO, the first Ocean Fifty with a steering wheel!

Erwan Le Roux: "Literally bluffed by the augmented electronic steering wheel system".

Madintec becomes "technology partner" of the MODX 70 Catamaran

Madintec, a company specialized in the development of electronic and software solutions, becomes "Technology Partner" of the MODX70 series, the 100% electric, 100% renewable energy leisure catamaran.