Madintec becomes "technology partner" of the MODX 70 Catamaran

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Madintec, a company specialized in the development of electronic and software solutions, becomes "Technology Partner" of the MODX70 series, the 100% electric, 100% renewable energy leisure catamaran.

The new brand of pleasure catamaran "MODX Catamarans". The first MODX 70 series is currently under construction and will be launched in the second half of 2023.

Mr. Matthieu Robert, Madintec's managing partner, talks about the genesis and the vision shared with Océan Développement, the shipyard builder of the MODX series, which aims at decarbonizing tomorrow's yachting.

A look back at the history of Madintec

Madintec is a design office created ten years ago and entirely dedicated to innovation in the world of boating. We are specialized in the development of electronic and software solutions. We are known for our new generation autopilot: MADBrain. It has rapidly conquered the offshore racing market in the last 5 years. We accompany several skippers in great victories like the Vendée Globe. We wish the 46 boats that we equip at the start of the next Route du Rhum to follow the same path of success.

During the Cannes Yachting Festival, the partners of Océan Développement with Madintec.From left to right : Jean GUYON, Marco SIMEONI, Matthieu ROBERT and Franck DAVID

What is the interest for you to collaborate on an innovative program through the new MODX 70 sailing catamaran?

Participating in an innovative adventure in the nautical industry is the very essence of our design office. It is essential to feed our ten engineers with challenges, all the more so when it is in collaboration with talented teams such as Océan Développement, directed by Franck David, and the new start-up Aeroforce, which will soon launch a very innovative product in the field of automated inflatable wings dedicated to pleasure boating.  

The other essential point that motivated our participation in the MODX70 project is the adequacy with our values and our commitment to solutions participating in sustainable nautical transport and respecting the oceans.  

It is in the same spirit that we are participating in the SkyCityFoiler project, an electric hydrofoil catamaran (MerConcept). Madintec proposes from today a complete solution to democratize the piloting of hydrofoil ships which allow a strong reduction of energy needs.

It is high time that the yachting industry wakes up and starts its decarbonization, the solutions are there!

Without revealing "trade secrets", can you tell us more about the major development axes associated with the MODX 70 (hydrogeneration, wing automation, pilot, energy manager,...)

Indeed, we cannot reveal too much the technological innovations associated to the MODX 70, they are numerous and varied. This project challenges the whole Madintec team. We are developing new electronic boards to meet the needs of wing automation, it is brand new and it must be safe and simple! Simplicity also means a dedicated user interface made by our team. But we think that the essential and the originality of the project is the integration within the same system of the various components of production and consumption of energy. In this way, we design particularly efficient management algorithms. We are inventing the yachting of tomorrow, without charging stations!

Make way for 2024!

January 31, 2024
2023 was a year rich in races and successes for the teams we support. 2024 promises to be fabulous. The new year gets off to a strong start with the Arkea Ultim Challenge, and will be rounded off by numerous transatlantic races, culminating in the Vendée Globe. And let's not forget the America's Cup, where several Madintec employees will be taking part.

Treat yourself to a MADBrain for your IRC, your Mini!

September 12, 2023
Treat yourself to the best autopilot on the market. We wanted to make our MADBrain Autopilot solution accessible to as many people as possible, with an adapted price and a new, even simpler and more intuitive user interface.

Report 2022 - Route du Rhum and innovation

December 15, 2022
With about fifty boats at the start and 2/3 of the podiums, it is a great success that motivates our team to continue to offer you the best. Congratulations to all!

Madintec is recruiting in 2022

December 17, 2021
To ensure our success, Madintec must recruit in 2022. Join our team!

Piloting an electric hydrofoil catamaran

November 11, 2021
On the occasion of the METS (boat show) in Amsterdam, three leading ocean racing companies invite you to test an electric foil boat simulator.

Which MADBrain Autopilot will win the Transat Jacques Vabre?

November 5, 2021
With more than a third of the fleet equipped by Madintec in all classes, it is likely that our skippers will once again perform well.

Vendée Globe 2020 - Positive results for Madintec!

February 18, 2021
With the first two runners in the Vendée Globe, feedback from the founder and CEO of Madintec, Matthieu Robert

"Vendée Globe. The Madintec autopilot has steered 99% of the Vendée Globe... and won!"

February 9, 2021
Vendée Globe winner Yannick Bestaven's Maître CoQ IV, second-placed Charlie Dalin's Apivia, and the boats of Thomas Ruyant and Giancarlo Pedote were equipped with MADBrain autopilots,

How Madintec wants to install its pilot on Class40s - sponsored article

November 19, 2020
It is a strategic piece of equipment for single-handed sailors: with the passing of innovations, the autopilot has become an extremely sophisticated product, which a handful of players are able to design and develop.

MADBrain for all

October 15, 2020
From spring 2021, Madintec will offer its MADBrain autopilot solution to all types of sailing boats.

Collisions at sea. Autopilot avoidance, a revolutionary algorithm (1/2)

January 31, 2020
How Madintec wants to offer a solution to the collision at sea.

A look back at 2018, MAD Brain AutoPilot on the test bench

February 12, 2019
The grail for skippers, the Route du Rhum is also one of the key events for dozens of SMEs in the sector, including Madintec, which was able to validate the reliability and quality of its new MAD Brain AutoPilot. Madintec continues in 2019 with more and more development.

François Gabart in a SUP with foil under automatic pilot

July 28, 2018
François Gabart flies a foil paddle under Madbrain pilot!

Drheam cup 2018

July 27, 2018
Back to the Drheam Cup, the first real-life test for the MADBrain pilot with Samantha Davies and Lalou Roucayrol

Energy in servo systems

June 6, 2018
Electronics and computing have become major points in optimising the tuning of these yachts and assisting the skipper in steering them. Mathilde Trehin, a PhD student at Madintec, gives us an overview of the situation.

The technology of the America's Cup and the giant Ultime Class trimarans, accessible to all.

November 30, 2015
Like the transfer of technology from Formula 1 to our personal cars, Matthieu Robert and David Cesari, founders of the Madintec start-up, are taking on the challenge of democratising access to high-level electronics for regattas and ocean racing.