At Madintec,

Benoit Piquemal

Designer of the Madintec electronic cards

Benoît is as discreet as he is indispensable to Madintec as well as to the Maxi Trimaran Macif team (François Gabart), where he is responsible for IT and electronics development.

Although he does not appear in the photos, he leaves his mark on the design of the electronic boards of Madintec products.

Within Madintec, the colleagues of
Benoit Piquemal
are :

Matthieu Robert

President and Head of R&D

David Cesari

Head of Flying Boat Projects

Benoit Piquemal

Designer of the Madintec electronic cards

Hugo Kerhascoet

Scientific Director - Autopilot expert

Jérémie Guillot

Mixed hardware/software systems design engineer

Mathilde Tréhin

Control Systems Engineer - PhD student

Didier Guardiola

Administrative Assistant

Louis Emard

Web Developer

Pia Mathias

Research engineer

Élodie Rétel

Crea & communication

Paolo Serio

Sales and Marketing Director