At Madintec,

Jérémie Guillot

Mixed hardware/software systems design engineer

With a doctorate in onboard system design, Jérémie spent 6 years at Ocean Data System designing anti-capsize systems for ocean racing and yachting.

Now in charge of system development at Madintec, he designs the electronics for the range's products. A bit of a jack-of-all-trades, his hobbies are shared with his family for boat trips, when he is not playing music or performing at events.

Within Madintec, the colleagues of
Jérémie Guillot
are :

Matthieu Robert

President and Head of R&D

David Cesari

Head of Flying Boat Projects

Benoit Piquemal

Designer of the Madintec electronic cards

Hugo Kerhascoet

Scientific Director - Autopilot expert

Jérémie Guillot

Mixed hardware/software systems design engineer

Mathilde Tréhin

Control Systems Engineer - PhD student

Didier Guardiola

Administrative Assistant

Louis Emard

Web Developer

Pia Mathias

Research engineer

Élodie Rétel

Crea & communication

Paolo Serio

Sales and Marketing Director